• Angel Delgado: “Doping is absolutely a contrary to the ideas of sports”

Angel Delgado: “Doping is absolutely a contrary to the ideas of sports”

4 August 2017 Sergei Grishin

Mexican athlete Angel Delgado at the Pan-America SAMBO Championship in Colombia did not win only the bronze medal in the weight category up to 100 kg, but also participated at the Anti-Doping educational program organized by FIAS together in collaboration with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). At the Outreach booths, the sportsman took part in short quiz, concerning mostly the Anti-Doping rules and regulation. What was Angel result, he shared with us in interview as well as his own opinion about doping in sport.

- I have already passed a similar test at the World SAMBO Championship in Bulgaria, now I decided to check myself again. It is interesting that both times my result is the same: 9 out of 10. I think that I could not achieve a 100% result because some wording of the questions can be understood in two ways sometimes. As the result, I was a little bit confused. And the most interesting question for me was whether an athlete can perform in one sport, if in another he had a positive doping test.

- Is there a place for doping in SAMBO and in sports in general? What do you think about doping?

- I am totally against any kind of doping and I use only my own power and energy to achieve the best result in sport. I believe that doping is absolutely opposite of the sports spirit because any sport is  aimed to develop stronger soul and mind. I am for honest and clean SAMBO! It seems to me that FIAS is right to conduct such an educational programs, because this is  very necessary and important for athletes, especially to the young ones. There are people who due to the lack of knowledge could use some prohibited drugs, and it will have a fatal impact on their fate and career. In this case, there are no trifles, it is better to study everything in advance, so that there are no problems.

Angel Delgado: “Doping is absolutely a contrary to the ideas of sports”

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