World SAMBO Championships in Vilnius: Day 1

12 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
Medals in nine weight classes have been decided during the first day of the World SAMBO Championships in Vilnius. The most representative were men 68 and 90kg weight classes: record number of participants, 22, was registered today, on the first competition day. The first final bout in Vilnius was the one in women sports SAMBO (48kg). Russia's Maria Molchanova executed a combination of takedown and submission hold on the mat and defeated Margarita Filippova from Turkmenistan. The second gold medal for Russia, in a bout against Estonia's Alexander Fedorov, was won, in less than 2 minutes, by Shamil Gasankhanov (74kg) in combat sambo. The Belarusian sambo wrestlers were traditionally strong and the gold in 68kg combat SAMBO went to Dmitry Bazhilev, who edged his opponent for victory at the last moments of the bout. His initiative was carried on by Belarus' Ekaterina Prokapenka, who became the Champion in 60kg class. Russia's Svetlana Galyant (72kg) won the seventh World Championships title and the fourth gold medal for Russia by defeating Tatiana Savenko from Ukraine at the close of the bout. In the lightest weight class for men, 52kg sports SAMBO, we witnessed the bout between Kazakhstan's Undaganov and Georgia's Tsintsadze. A perfect execution of amplitude throw over his hip brought victory to the Georgian sambo wrestler. Valery Soronokov (57kg, combat sambo) had to settle for bronze. The bitterness of defeat was sweetened for him by a birth of his son on the same day. We cordially congratulate him. Venezuela, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan were also among the medalists of the first day. The first medal for hosts was won by Lithuania's Viktor Tomashevich (74kg, combat). The hosts hope that it is not the last medal for the country and expect new victories already tomorrow to please the fans and followers of the SAMBO.
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