• Dmitry Maksimov: “Having taken the opportunity we explored a chance of tailoring uniform in Tajikistan”

Dmitry Maksimov: “Having taken the opportunity we explored a chance of tailoring uniform in Tajikistan”

11 July 2014 Sergei Grishin

During his stay at the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan Dmitry Maksimov, Sports Director of the International SAMBO Federation, got round to make many kilometers march and visit the neighboring country to explore options for manufacturing sports uniform. Having returned from Tajikistan, he shared his impressions of the visit and told about the prospects of the project.

“It was a working trip, the main aim of which is to know our weaknesses while preparing the equipment for national teams and see how we can improve the situation, – Dmitry Maksimov said. – Our primary goal is to make the unified product and create the ecological passport according to which experts can produce uniform of the same type, no matter on what part of the globe a manufacturer is. In this direction, now it is the main task of the International SAMBO Federation”.

The specialist noted that the issue of the equipment production “hasn’t taken off the table yet, and we are to prepare our recommendations, which will be discussed at the FIAS Executive Committee in Burgas in September”.

“During the trip to Tajikistan, we gained invaluable positive experience, – Sports Director of FIAS continued. – First, we met nice people, and secondly, we saw firsthand how sports uniforms are made – beginning from choosing the quality of stitching and completing by receiving the finished product”.

Maksimov noticed that the Federation has also alternatives: “We have contacts with several manufacturers of equipment both in Russia and abroad, for Sports SAMBO”.

“Now our challenge is to prepare a presentation in front of the FIAS Executive Committee, at which we have to present the optimal sample of the uniform, its characteristics and justify why we recommend this option. Members of the FIAS Executive Committee in their turn will take the final decision”, – Dmitry Maksimov concluded.

Look for the picture story about how they sew SAMBO uniform at the factory in Tajikistan on the FIAS website soon.

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