• FIAS launched on-line license and registration system

FIAS launched on-line license and registration system

30 January 2017 Sergei Grishin
FIAS launched on-line license and registration system

FIAS on-line license and registration system is now-on fully operational and launched as it was introduced to all NSF at the FIAS Congress 2016. The new on-line system is also the online database, who permit link the results from the FIAS events with the athletes’ profiles.

The on-line license and registration system has the following advantages:

- Create a unique licenses numbers to each and every member; the NSF, the athletes and the referees do not need to carry the paper license books, as the data will be in the system.

- All data concerning the athletes is submitted to the general database during the first registration of the license. Thus, for the competitions registration one will simply need to select athletes from the existing list.

- Licenses payment will be allowed only via bank transfers and the NFS will receive the invoice from FIAS every three months for a total number of the members registered. 

- The online system will be developing further, proposing the new functions in order to facilitate the whole process of work for the Federations.

From now on, the on-line registration will be the compulsory and only way of your NSF to enter your athletes and officials to the following FIAS competitions: International tournaments (A category), World Cup "A. Kharlampiev Memorial", Continental Championships, Youth and Juniors World Championships, World Cadets Championships and the World SAMBO Championships.

Every NSF will receive shortly from FIAS International Department its personal details (login and password) to enter into the system.

Please do not hesitate to contact the FIAS International Department in order to help you with any issues regarding the on-line licenses and competitions registration.

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