• The Team of Lviv Region won the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup

The Team of Lviv Region won the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup

19 March 2019 FIAS
The Team of Lviv Region won the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup

Ukrainian Cup in Sports and Combat SAMBO among men and women was held on March 16-17 in Lutsk. Competitions gathered 230 participants from 17 regions of the country.


According to the press service of the National SAMBO Federation of Ukraine, the capital of Volyn takes the cup tournament for the third time in a row. And this is due to the initiative of the head of the regional SAMBO federation, Anatoly Bondarev, who remained loyal to his favorite sport, even when circumstances were against him. Bondarev was engaged in wrestling from childhood, and he was a member of the youth elite of SAMBO of Ukraine. When the time came to serve in the army, Anatoly Ivanovich was sent to Afghanistan, where Soviet troops "performed international duty" from 1979 to 1989. He was distributed to a reconnaissance company of an assault landing battalion. In one of the many military operations there was a fatal explosion of the enemy's grenade... Seven days Bondarev lay unconscious. When he came to himself, he saw that there was no right hand on the very shoulder.


Anatoly Ivanovich did not break. He adhered to the motto "How much will - so much a person". Already in the hospital, he began to push out and pull up on one arm, to perform other exercises. He returned to the gym, participated in competitions, and not just played, but won medals. They say that it is on such people that sport holds, because they set an example of the invincibility of character. And his wife Lyudmila is always close to Anatoly Ivanovich. She helps her husband in organizing all the competitions that take place on Lutsk land.


As for the tournament itself, its main goal was to check candidates for the national teams - adult, youth and youth. Including the definition of national team reservists who will replace the current leaders in the near future.


Results of the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup 2019

Team standings

1. Lviv region

2. Ivano-Frankivsk region

3. Odessa region


44 kg

1. Yuliya BURLAK (Vinnytsia region)

2. Yelizaveta DIDORENKO (Sumy region)

3. Yelizaveta POLOVIKOVA (Kharkiv region) and Viktoriya YURCHENKO (Volyn region)

48 kg

1. Veronika MITSKEVICH (Odessa region)

2. Anna VINOGRADSKAYA (Lviv region)

3. Yekaterina BORISOVA (Odessa region) and Alina PASHCHUK (Lviv region)

52 kg

1. Alla BEGEBA (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Alvard AKOPYAN (Ternopil region)

3. Marta CHAPLINSKAYA (Lviv region) and Anzhela KHOKHLOVA (Kiev)

56 kg

1. Kristina BONDAR (Odessa region)

2. Yelena KRAVCHENKO (Zhytomyr region)

3. Emiliya KAMERON (Zhytomyr region) and Mariya CHERAVAN (Rivne region)

60 kg

1. Yelena GAYDASH (Mykolaiv region)

2. Mariya RIBACHUK (Odessa region)

3. Ivanna CHERVAN (Rivne region) and Yuliya VORONENKO (Sumy region)

64 kg

1. Valeriya BIRYUCHENKO (Zhytomyr region)

68 kg

1. Anna ANTIKALO (Mykolaiv region)

2. Ulyana KLYAPKA (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Viktoriya GAPON (Zhytomyr region) and Aleksandra SIRENKO (Odessa region)

72 kg

1. Veronika KRATYUK (Zhytomyr region)

2. Anna KUKHARUK (Volyn region)

80 kg

1. Galina KOVALSKAYA (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Alina BONDAREVA (Volyn region)

3. Marina LEBEDYUK (Odessa region)

+80 kg

1. Vasilina KIRICHENKO (Lviv region)

2. Tat'yana KOSTENKO (Zhytomyr region)

3. Miroslava TSIGOLKO (Volyn region)


48 kg

1. Andrey MIKHAYLOVICH (Lviv region)

2. Yuriy ANDRONATIY (Vinnytsia region)

3. Dmitriy SEMENCHENKO (Zhytomyr region)

52 kg

1. Yuriy YAREMCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Vitaliy TERENT'YEV (Mykolaiv region)

3. Grachik OSIPYAN (Kharkiv region) and Artur POLOVIKOV (Kharkiv region)

57 kg

1. Roman BRATCHENKO (Mykolaiv region)

2. Andrey LAYSHCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Yevgeniy DOBROVOL'SKIY (Odessa region) and Roman SHIYKA (Lviv region)

62 kg

1. Vasiliy ONUFRAK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

2. Kirill SOLOKHA (Kharkiv region)

3. Maksim BELEVTSOV (Kharkiv region) and Konstantin NOTKIN (Chernihiv region)

68 kg

1. Dmitriy YEVDOSHENKO (Kharkiv region)

2. Daniil DROZD (Kharkiv region)

3. Taras KRAVCHUK (Khmelnitsky region) and Igor BURYY (Chernihiv region)

74 kg

1. Artur SARKISYAN (Donetsk region)

2. Aleksandr BRUS (Khmelnitsky region)

3. Danila SHEVCHENKO (Dnepropetrovsk region) and Mikhail SVIDRAK (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

82 kg

1. Zakhar SHADRIN (Mykolaiv region)

2. Nazar SHADRIN (Mykolaiv region)

3. Yuriy POZHAR (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and Artem DENISOV (Vinnytsia region)

90 kg

1. Dmitriy STETSENKO (Donetsk region)

2. Konstantin PAVLISHIN (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Petr VYGNANCHUK (Volyn region)

100 kg

1. Andrey BOLOBAN (Cherkasy region)

2. Aleksey MOISEYEV (Kiev)

3. Vladislav LEBEDINSKIY (Donetsk region) and Aleksandr TSURKAN (Mykolaiv region)

+100 kg

1. Artur GRECHAN (Lviv region)

2. Aleksey KUCHERENKO (Lviv region)

3. Andrey KARASIYCHUK (Volyn region) and Andrey SPIRIDONOV (Lviv region)

Combat SAMBO

48 kg

1. Andrey MIKHAYLOVICH (Lviv region)

2. Yuriy ANDRONATIY (Vinnytsia region)

52 kg

1. Gevorg MANUKYAN (Odessa region)

2. Vitaliy DOBRYANSKIY (Zhytomyr region)

3. Aleksandr KLAPSHA (Vinnytsia region) and Andrey FILIP (Odessa region)

57 kg

1. Zakhar LYULIN (Donetsk region)

2. Dzhonik MSTOYAN (Kiev)

3. Roman ASKEROV (Lviv region) and Roman SHIYKA (Lviv region)

62 kg

1. Vladislav KOKHNENKO (Odessa region)

2. Vladislav BOVA (Kiev)

68 kg

1. Bachuki BAGISHVILI (Kharkiv region)

2. Zaydulakh NAZIROV (Kharkiv region)

3. Ruslan PERVAK (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and David GAZERYAN (Kharkiv region)

74 kg

1. Stepan SAMKOV (Rivne region)

2. Vadim RATUSHNYAK (Vinnytsia region)

3. Vitaliy KRASNOZHON (Mykolaiv region)

82 kg

1. Ivan GOLYACHENKO (Kiev)

2. Artur VOROBYOV (Kiev)

3. Vladimir BYKOV (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and Maksim SACHENKO (Chernihiv region)

90 kg

1. Petr DAVYDENKO (Vinnytsia region)

2. Konstantin PAVLISHIN (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

3. Ruslan GALAYEV (Kiev)

100 kg

1. Artem OVCHAROV (Mykolaiv region)

2. Yuriy KOSKIN (Volyn region)

+100 kg

1. Aleksey GLUSHCHENKO (Kiev)

2. Nikolay PRIMACHOK (Rivne region)

3. Andrey KARASIYCHUK (Volyn region) and Roman GOROSHKEVICH (Volyn region)

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