• The fifth and final ITA Summer Anti-Doping Series webinar will take place on 3 August

The fifth and final ITA Summer Anti-Doping Series webinar will take place on 3 August

31 July 2023 FIAS
The fifth and final ITA Summer Anti-Doping Series webinar will take place on 3 August

This Thursday the International SAMBO Federation invites sambists and everyone interested to join the fifth edition of the International Testing Agency (ITA) summer webinar series. The webinar will take place on 3 August and will focus on Out-of-Competition Testing, includes requirements of RTP/TP, whereabouts, use of ADAMS.

Out-of-competition testing includes all tests that do not take place at competitions. These can occur at any time or place - during and outside of training. Out-of-Competition testing is vital for protecting the integrity of any sport as well as detecting and deterring athletes from doping. As an athlete, it is important to submit whereabouts information to enable the IF/NF and other Anti-Doping Organisations (ADOs)to locate athletes for testing at any place, any time, with no advance notice.

A Registered Testing Pool, also known as an RTP, is the highest tier pool of International or National level athletes established by an International Federation for a particular sport and/or a National Anti-Doping Organisations to enable no advance notice testing. Athletes are selected for the RTP based on various criteria detailed in WADA’s International Standard for Testing & Investigation. The tier below a Registered Testing Pool is the Testing Pool (TP), a pool of athletes established by International Federations for a particular sport and/or National Anti-Doping Organisations.

Athletes on the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), must provide the following information:

  • Overnight accommodation

  • 60-minute timeslot

  • Regular activities, such as training, work, or school

  • Competitions

  • Mailing address

Athletes on the Testing Pool have to provide all the above, except for the 60-minute timeslot.

ADAMS helps athletes, who are required to submit whereabouts, comply with the rules of their sport by entering their information from anywhere in the world. ADAMS also supports delegating this responsibility to an authorized representative, such as a team manager, agent, or other third party.

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The webinar will be held at 14:00-15:00 CEST

Register HERE

The webinars will be delivered in English with simultaneous translation to five additional languages as part of this mini-series – Arabic (العربي), Spanish (español), French (français), Russian (русский), and Mandarin Chinese (普通).

The FIAS is strongly recommending to all SAMBO community join the webinar.

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