Ukrainian Sambo Championships were held in Kiev

11 December 2017 Aleksandr Solomahin
Ukrainian Sambo Championships were held in Kiev

On December 9-10 the Ukrainian Championships in Sports and Combat SAMBO were held in Kiev. More than 300 athletes from 21 oblasts of the country took part in the competitions.

В Киеве прошел Чемпионат Украины по самбо

The team cup was won by the tournament hosts. And though the victory in this category is determined by scores, sambists from the capital have outstripped the rest both in quantity and in quality of medals (total sum – 24: 7 golds, 5 silvers, and 12 bronzes). Kharkiv got 14 medals (7-5-2), while Odessa earned 12 (2-6-4).

В Киеве прошел Чемпионат Украины по самбо 

‘It could be stated that these championships were aimed at 2018, since the results are taken into account in further selection of athletes for the national team, to perform at the European and World Championships. That’s why competition for medals was pretty intense,’ noted Mikhail Rudenko, senior coach of the national team. ‘Interestingly, both experienced and young fighters have been victorious. For instance, Anatoly Voloshinov, the winner of continental and global championships, took gold in combat SAMBO, in the under 100 kg weight class, whereas Igor Poterya, bronze medalist in Sochi 2017, only took third place in Kiev, in the same weight class.’

В Киеве прошел Чемпионат Украины по самбо

Team Standings

1. Kiev

2. The Kharkov oblast

3. The Odessa oblast



44 kg

1. Ilona NAZARCHUK (Rivne oblast)

48 kg

1. Inna GOMENCHUK (Volyn oblast)

2. Valentina NOVITSKAYA (Kiev)

52 kg

1. Maria BUYOK (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

2. Ekaterina CHERTIL (Kharkov oblast)

3. Olga FEDORCHENKO (Nikolayev oblast) & Maria CHERVAN (Rivne oblast)

56 kg

1. Yelena GAYDASH (Nikolayev oblast)

2. Valeria LIKHACHEVA (Dnepropetrovsk oblast)

3. Tatyana KHATAMOVA (Kiev) & Victoria MUDRAYA (Volyn oblast)

60 kg

1. Vladislava NETSVIT (Kharkov oblast)

2. Maria STEPANYUK (Kiev oblast)

3. Elizaveta CHELPANOVA (Kiev) & Daria PYLAYEVA (Zhitomir oblast)

64 kg

1. Anna KUPINA (Kharkov oblast)

2. Veronika KRATYUK (Zhitomir oblast)

3. Yelena RATNIKOVA (Kiev) & Darina ROMANYUK (Volyn oblast)

68 kg

1. Ulyana KLYAPKA (Kiev)

2. Nadezhda POKORA (Lvov oblast)

3. Anna GERMAN (Sumy oblast) &Victoria GAPON (Zhytomyr oblast)

72 kg

1. Natalia SMAL (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

2. Nadezhda MIKHAYLYUK (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

3. Yuliya SHLIKHTA (Volyn oblast)

80 kg

1. Natalia PILIPENKO (Kiev)

2. Galina KOVALSKAYA (Odessa oblast)

3. Olga KLIMYUK (Volyn oblast)

+80 kg

1. Anastasia SAPSAY (Cherkasy oblast)

2. Kristina GASHENKO (Kiev)

3. Taisiya REDCHENKO (Kharkov oblast) & Miroslava TSIGOLKO (Volyn oblast)


48 kg

1. Danila MUDRAK (Vinnytsia oblast)

2. Vladimir CHERNYY (Kiev)

3. Andrey FILIP (Odessa oblast)

52 kg

1. Grachik OSIPYAN (Donetsk oblast)

2. Roman BRATCHENKO (Nikolayev oblast)

3. Vitaly TERENTYEV (Nikolayev oblast) & Yury ZAYVELEV (Kiev)

57 kg

1. Ivan PILIPYAK (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

2. Aleksey SLESAREV (Odessa oblast)

3. Igor' YUSHCHUK (Odessa oblast) & Safgulu KHALILOV (Kharkov oblast)

62 kg

1. Dmitry EVDOSHENKO (Kharkov oblast)

2. David OSIPYAN (Donetsk oblast)

3. Vladimir GUCHKOV (Zaporozhye oblast) & David MAILYAN (Sumy oblast)

68 kg

1. Daniil DROZD (Kharkov oblast)

2. Zaur UZHUYEV (Kharkov oblast)

3. Taras KRAVCHUK (Lvov oblast) & Maksim DUDYAK (Rivne oblast)

74 kg

1. Artur SARKISYAN (Kharkov oblast)

2. Dmitry BABIYCHUK (Khmelnitsky oblast)

3. Sergey NAUMOV (Odessa oblast) & Vladislav DIDENKO (Vinnytsia oblast)

82 kg

1. Zakhar SHADRIN (Kherson oblast)

2. Yury POZHAR (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

3. Artur YEFREMOV (Cherkasy oblast) & Ruslan MERUNOVICH (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

90 kg

1. Aleksey NIZHENKO (Chernihiv oblast)

2. Dmitry STETSENKO (Kharkov oblast)

3. Igor KNYSH (Lvov oblast) & Vadim SINYAVSKIY (Zaporozhye oblast)

100 kg

1. Andrey BOLOBAN (Cherkasy oblast)

2. Aleksey MOISEYEV (Kiev)

3. Aleksandr DUKHNEVICH (Kharkov oblast) & Andrey SPIRIDONOV (Lvov oblast)

+100 kg

1. Maksim MELNIK (Chernigov oblast)

2. Georgy DIL (Odessa oblast)

3. Dmitry YURCHUK (Kiev) & Aleksandr VARICHENKO (Kiev)

Combat SAMBO

48 kg

1. Vladimir CHERNYY (Kiev)

2. Andrey FILIP (Odessa oblast)

52 kg

1. Denis ARTYMCHUK (Odessa oblast)

2. Vitaly DOBRYANSKIY (Zhitomir oblast)

3. Vitaly KUZMINSKIY (Kiev) & Grigory ONISHCHUK (Volyn oblast)

57 kg

1. Bogdan BABENKO (Rovno oblast)

2. Dmitry KISELEV (Kharkov oblast)

3. Ruslan VARTANYAN (Kherson oblast)

62 kg

1. Dmitry YATSKO (Kiev)

2. Vladislav KOKHNENKO (Odessa oblast)

3. Vladimir TOPEKHIN (Kiev) & Vladislav BONDARCHUK (Rovno oblast)

68 kg

1. Zeydulakh NAZIROV (Kharkov oblast)

2. Sergey RUSINKO (Odessa oblast)

3. Maksim MAKOVS'KIY (Kiev) & Aleksandr ILYASH (Zakarpattia oblast)

74 kg

1. Vladislav RUDNEV (Kharkov oblast)

2. Vadim BURCHAK (Rovno oblast)

3. Aleksandr GORSHECHNIK (Khmelnitskyi oblast) & Ivan TURANITSYA (Kiev)

82 kg

1. Arli KAMBILO (Kiev)

2. Zakhar SHADRIN (Kherson oblast)

3. Ilya NAZARENKO (Dnepropetrovsk oblast) & Aleksandr KARPOV (Zhitomir oblast)

90 kg

1. Dmitry BATOK (Kiev)

2. Petr DAVYDENKO (Lvov oblast)

3. Andrey SHTEFAN (Kiev) & Denis TKACHUK (Odessa oblast)

100 kg

1. Anatoly VOLOSHINOV (Odessa oblast)

2. Evgeny ZHEKALOV (Dnepropetrovsk oblast)

3. Igor POTERYA (Kiev) & Danila BELOUSOV (Kiev)

+100 kg

1. Razmik TONOYAN (Kiev)

2. Grigory KUZ'MENKO (Kiev)

3. Roman GOROSHKEVICH (Volyn oblast) & Roman VOZNYUK (Ivano-Frankovsk oblast)

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