• Vasily Shestakov: “Sustainability initiative will now be a major part of our events”

Vasily Shestakov: “Sustainability initiative will now be a major part of our events”

9 November 2015 Sergei Grishin
Vasily Shestakov: “Sustainability initiative will now be a major part of our events”

The Youth and Junior World SAMBO Championship 2015 for the first time introduce sustainability practices into their mainstream of events. As a part of the Agenda 2020 from the International Olympic Committee, FIAS will now execute its sustainability project in all SAMBO events.

President of the International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov:

“FIAS is keeping the dream of the athletes participating in the Olympics alive, by being compliant to the Olympic Charter. With the Olympic Agenda 2020 published in December 2014, the federation is now aligning its mission to achieve these 20+20 recommendations. In regard to this we are happy to announce its first sustainability SAMBO event at Riga, Latvia during the Youth and Junior SAMBO World Championships.

We realise that for every action taken for the improvement and development of the sport, we need to make sure that we consider our present and future athletes and continue the legacy of SAMBO. This sustainability initiative will now be a major part of our events, making SAMBO a sustainable and future Olympic sport

The FIAS and the AISTS (International Academy of Sports Science and Technology) have a strong relationship in the sport world and we have two Alumni’s from the AISTS working currently in this federation. The AISTS engages and empowers the sport sector with knowledge and tools to incorporate sustainability and convene successful and sustainable sport events. We are happy that Mr. Geert Hendriks, Head of Projects, AISTS guided us in the sustainability initiative, has made the federation proceed in a sustainable direction.

Rohit Ramesh and Kamila VOKOUN-HAJKOVA sambo FIAS

For a sustainable Youth and Junior World Championships and FIAS World SAMBO Championship at the FIAS, we also have the expertise of Mr. Rohit Ramesh, a sustainable consultant who is currently pursuing is Masters in Sports Management at the AISTS and also an Intern with FIAS. With the assistance of Mrs. Kamila VOKOUN HAJKOVA, FIAS will carry out sustainability and anti-doping programs and initiatives from all SAMBO events henceforth”. 

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