• Viorel GASCA: “Life without struggle is a slow death”

Viorel GASCA: “Life without struggle is a slow death”

14 August 2020 FIAS
Viorel GASCA: “Life without struggle is a slow death”

The President of the Romanian Sambo Federation Viorel Gasca spoke about the resumed training camp, the training process and how the athletes endured isolation.


“We have a scheduled training camp at the sports base of the federation. We started training as soon as we received permission under the general order of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sports, in compliance with all the rules established due to the pandemic. Athletes' health comes first.


Our training lasts 240 days a year. Some athletes are now taking exams at universities, so only 10 female athletes take part in the training camp: Chiss Michaela, Ionescu Codrina, Szatmari Carmen, Ionescu Lavigna, Constantin Elena, Toma Ilaria, Find Teodora, Biris Daria, Vylvoy Denis, Varvaruk Catalina.


Preparation is going on at the proper level, the athletes have endured isolation well. For the first time there was enough time for everything: physical training, special training, technical and tactical exercises. Since there are no competitions yet, we pay more attention to "cleaning" and working out the technique. We are all looking forward to the first starts after such a pause. This is the first time this happens, but you have to put up with it, get used to it, not give up and move on. After all, life without a struggle is a slow death,” – Viorel Gasca said.


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