• Conference on Development of University SAMBO Held at NOC of Colombia

Conference on Development of University SAMBO Held at NOC of Colombia

26 September 2019 FIAS
Conference on Development of University SAMBO Held at NOC of Colombia

On September 24, the Colombian National Olympic Committee held a conference on the development of University SAMBO in the region. Organized by the Colombian SAMBO Federation in cooperation with the country's NOC, the event brought together students, teachers, and special guests from various universities.

Opening the conference, the Colombian NOC President Baltazar Medina emphasized the importance of promoting this sport, which is quite new for the country.


President of the National SAMBO Federation Omar Lopera made a presentation on the expansion of SAMBO in the Americas and particularly in Colombia over the past 20 years. He also introduced the main speaker of the conference, the senior coach of the Moscow SAMBO Federation, the World SAMBO Champion Mikhail Martynov who recounted the history of the SAMBO inception and development, stressing what a tremendous role the student movement had played in the process.

Besides, Mikhail Martynov emphasized that SAMBO “is a science of defense rather than attack, a science that shapes one's life experience and attitudes, and molds one's character.” Also, he briefed the audience on various projects undertaken by FIAS and the national SAMBO federations, including the projects “SAMBO to School” and “SAMBO to Universities and Colleges”.


Apart from the reports, the conference participants watched videos dedicated to the history of the sport and contemporary University SAMBO. Furthermore, they learned that SAMBO was included in the 2023 "Universiade" Games program in Yekaterinburg, and that the next World University SAMBO Championships under the aegis of FISU is to be held in the Kazakhstan city of Nur-Sultan in 2020.


According to the organizers, the conference assembled about 70 people, including students and teachers of the Military Academy, the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences, and the University of Cundinamarca.

Photo: coc.org.co

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