• SportAccord Convention in Lausanne: the General Assembly of SportAccord and the presidential election of the organization

SportAccord Convention in Lausanne: the General Assembly of SportAccord and the presidential election of the organization

22 April 2016 Sergei Grishin

In this article from the Olympic capital of the world, we will tell you all the most important news that has taken place today in Lausanne at the General Assembly of SportAccord. You will learn the name of the new president of the organization, as well as the main points of his election platform. Also, we will tell you in figures of the major achievements of this year's SportAccord Convention in Lausanne, which FIAS took an active part in.

The General Assembly of SportAccord

SportAccord’s General Assembly has opened today, April 22, at 9 am in SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne. The meeting started with a welcome word of SportAccord’s Council Chairman Gian Franco Kasper to all the participants of the General Assembly.

Джан Франко Каспер

Then came the financial and administrative reports of the organization, and then the SportAccord members adopted amendments to the status of the organization relating to the composition, election and quorum of the SportAccord Council. And then came the main point of this Assembly: the election of the President of SportAccord.

The name of the new president of SportAccord

The voting in the presidential elections of SportAccord was closed. Each voter received a document, went to the voting booth where he selected a candidate and then lowered the paper in the ballot box. That’s how it was done by the President of FIAS Vasily Shestakov.

Василий Шестаков

So, the name of the new President of SportAccord is Patrick Baumann. Today for the Secretary General of the International Federation of Basketball Associations (FIBA) voted 55 members of SportAccord.

Патрик Бауманн

We should note that Baumann’s only rival in the elections of the president of SportAccord was the president of the International Federation of Underwater Sports (CMAS) Anna Arzhanova.

Анна Аржанова

Patrick Baumann: his pre-election speech

Patrick Baumann clothed his election platform in a bright performance supported by a presentation transmitting the main aspects of his vision of himself as the head of SportAccord. The main theme of his speech was: "We are the voice of the sport."

Патрик Бауманн – предвыборное выступление

His main highlights while speaking of the mission of the organization under his leadership were to teach and to share platforms with all members of the organization, to conduct the Games of SportAccord, to have a constructive dialogue and support each other, to work so that all members of SportAccord have their own role and voice. SportAccord Convention is seen by him as an operational weapon for every member of SportAccord. His speech was ended with a phrase: «We are all in it together».

SportAccord Convention in Lausanne in figures

One of the slogans of the convention in Lausanne became «Welcome home», which means the return of the sport to its homeland, the Olympic cradle. And I must say, judging by the numbers given in the report the Convention felt really comfortable in the Olympic city.

Конвенция СпортАккорда в Лозанне в цифрах

Judge for yourself: 1720 participants, 780 international organizations, more than 100 international sports federations and 76 nationalities of the participants, over 1,500 news stories, 4 days of conferences, debates and seminars. Such was the Convention in Lausanne - the Olympic capital of the world.

Next General Convention and Assembly of SportAccord

As was already announced at the opening ceremony, the SportAccord Convention-2017 will be held in Aarhus (Denmark) from 2 to 7 April. Today has also been announced the date of the General Assembly of SportAccord to be held in the framework of the Convention. So, in 2017 the General Assembly of SportAccord will be held on April, 7.

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