• Shaked NISIMIAN: “In every competition I try to defeat myself”

Shaked NISIMIAN: “In every competition I try to defeat myself”

24 May 2024 Anton Orlov
Shaked NISIMIAN: “In every competition I try to defeat myself”

Israeli athlete Shaked Nisimian won the gold medal of the European Championships in the weight category up to 72 kg in women's Combat SAMBO. After the final fight with the Ukrainian athlete, she shared the secrets of her success with the FIAS website.

– I practiced a variety of martial arts. Before coming to SAMBO, I studied mixed martial arts. I’m always interested in trying myself in something new, taking on new challenges, and Combat SAMBO became just that challenge.

Going out onto the mat, I understood that I had to give all of myself to these competitions. I was in the mood to go out and win, and I’m very glad that it turned out that way.

In fact, this is your first participation in the European Championships, and an immediate victory. What's the secret?

– Today I was 100% confident in myself. I managed to combine strength, technique, thoughts and attitude. And of course, our coaching staff and physiotherapist helped me a lot. It was the combination of all these factors that became the key to success. Today I simply could not lose.


What impression did combat sambo make on you in comparison with other martial arts?

– I love everything new, and for me this is a new peak, a new milestone that I managed to conquer. I would really like to reach different heights in SAMBO, since this is a sport that combines elements of a wide variety of martial arts.

What milestone in Combat SAMBO will be the next for you?

– With God’s help, in all subsequent competitions I would also like to achieve the best results, but at the same time, of course, learn from my mistakes, which will definitely happen, and constantly improve my technique.


That is, you will continue your performance at Combat SAMBO tournaments?

– Yeah, that would be nice. The next milestone for me is the World Games in China in 2025, where I also want to give my best, show my best skills and win a gold medal. But first of all, in every competition I try to defeat myself.

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