• Ukrainian students and cadets at national championships qualified for the World Championships

Ukrainian students and cadets at national championships qualified for the World Championships

2 November 2016 Sergei Grishin
Ukrainian students and cadets at national championships qualified for the World Championships

Two Ukrainian championships – among students and cadets – were held from October 28 to 30 in Kharkiv. Nearly 500 participants from 20 regions of Ukraine gathered for the tournaments, which were held in the sports complex at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

"The level of competition was high, which isn't surprising, because the results of the competitions were used for drafting the teams that will soon be competing in the world university and cadets championships," says Vadym Rogach, President of the National SAMBO Federation of Ukraine. "The entry list was also up to par, both in number and quality. Students from 40 higher education institutions took part in the university championships. This was good, because young people were fighting for medals, and we didn't see so-called "eternal students" on the mat. Medalists of the recent World Youth and Junior Championships also raised the standard of fighting."

Mr. Rogach admitted that he didn't expect to see so many participants – there were about three hundred – at the cadets tournament.

"That's great, and it means we're on the right track in promoting SAMBO for children and youth. I should add that we're doing everything we can to attract the younger generation to our sport in many regions. One of the leaders is Kharkiv Region, which has a solid representation in the national teams for different age categories. The home teams rightfully won in the team standings at the country's university and cadets championships," Rogach said.

Winners of the Ukrainian University Championship

(number of participants – 178)

Team competition

1. Kharkiv Region.
2. Lviv Region.
3. Zhytomyr Region.

Individual competition


Up to 44 kg
1. Evgenia Kordyukova (Cherkasy)
2. Ekaterina Timofeeva (Zhytomyr)
3. Elena Chernaya (Zhytomyr) and Tatiana Skakun (Kharkiv)

Up to 48 kg
1. Ekaterina Sableva (Odessa)
2. Sofiko Bagishvili (Kharkiv)
3. Irina Cherkas (Lviv) and Snezhana Kuznetsova (Kharkiv)

Up to 52 kg
1. Ekaterina Chertil (Kharkiv)
2. Yulia Orchakova (Lviv)
3. Olga Eroshenko (Kharkiv) and Valeria Sergienko (Kharkiv)

Up to 56 kg
1. Lidia Vaschenko (Zhytomyr)
2. Ruslana Stelmaschuk (Lviv)
3. Anastasia Novikova (Kharkiv) and Alina Bogachuk (Zhytomyr)

Up to 60 kg
1. Anastasia Shevchenko (Kharkiv)
2. Natalia Parfenyuk (Zhytomyr)
3. Maria Rak (Kharkiv) and Maria Denisyuk (Lviv)

Up to 64 kg
1. Yulia Khramova (Khmelnytsky)
2. Kristina Strizhkina (Mykolaiv)
3. Viktoria Gapon (Zhytomyr) and Kristina Zubko (Lviv)

Up to 68 kg
1. Daria Regil (Kharkiv)
2. Anzhela Roy (Kharkiv)
3. Anastasia Oparina (Donetsk)

Up to 72 kg
1. Ekaterina Moskaleva (Dnipropetrovsk)
2. Ulyana Fridrikh (Lviv)
3. Manana Gardyan (Kharkiv)

Up to 80 kg
1. Natalia Pilipenko (Kiev)
2. Viktoria Trifan (Lviv)
3. Yulia Ordynskaya (Kharkiv) and Valeria Makurova (Lviv)

80+ kg
1. Vasilina Kirichenko (Lviv)
2. Taisia Redchenko (Kharkiv)
3. Alla Lazar (Odessa) and Vladislava Sukhomlin (Kharkiv)


Up to 48 kg
1. Yuri Zayvelev (Kiev)
2. Andrey Mikhailovich (Lviv)
3. Nikita Nagorny (Kiev)

Up to 52 kg
1. Vladislav Pshenichny (Kharkiv)
2. Evgeny Chepurny (Kiev)
3. Dmitry Stremenovsky (Kiev) and Vitaly Dobryansky (Zhytomyr)

Up to 57 kg
1. Dilshod Khalmatov (Sumy)
2. Maxim Belevtsov (Kharkiv)
3. Andrey Shevchenko (Kharkiv) and Safgulu Khalilov (Kharkiv)

Up to 62 kg
1. Zaur Uzhuev (Kharkiv)
2. Igor Yuschuk (Odessa)
3. Bakirbek Morgoev (Kiev) and Yuri Siplivy (Zhytomyr)

Up to 68 kg
1. Dmitry Evdoshenko (Kharkiv)
2. Artem Martirosyan (Kiev)
3. Oleg Gula (Odessa) and Sargis Sargsyan (Mykolaiv)

Up to 74 kg
1. Vladislav Rudnev (Kharkiv)
2. Nazar Drofyak (Lviv)
3. Artem Voytsikhovsky (Lviv) and Alexander Goncharov (Odessa)

Up to 82 kg
1. Dmitry Stetsenko (Kharkiv)
2. Mikhail Kharkovschenko (Kharkiv)
3. Vladislav Grinchuk (Zhytomyr) and Roman Kontarovsky (Kharkiv)

Up to 90 kg
1. Artem Gulyaev (Kharkiv)
2. Evgeny Vegera (Kharkiv)
3. Vitaly Shepel (Zaporozhye) and Viktor Tuvakov (Lviv)

Up to 100 kg
1. Alexey Moiseev (Kiev)
2. Denis Zhukov (Lviv)
3. Alexander Mindyla (Kharkiv) and Bogdan Gontar (Kharkiv)

100+ kg
1. Vladislav Berezka (Kharkiv)
2. Kirill Biletsky (Donetsk)
3. Artem Pesigolovets (Kharkiv) and Alexander Martynov (Kharkiv)

Winners of the Ukrainian Cadets Championship

(number of participants – 280)

Team competition

1. Kharkiv Region.
2. Lugansk Region.
3. Vinnytsia Region.

Individual competition


Up to 38 kg
1. Alexandra Prischenko (Vinnytsia)
2. Daria Romanovich (Dnipropetrovsk)
3. Ekaterina Grigorenko (Vinnytsia)

Up to 41 kg
1. Ekaterina Kravchenko (Lugansk)

Up to 44 kg
1. Alla Begeba (Ivano-Frankivsk)
2. Ekaterina Garkava (Dnipropetrovsk)
3. Irina Glushko (Vinnytsia) and Vesna Gocheva (Kherson)

Up to 48 kg
1. Valeria Petrova (Mykolaiv)
2. Ruslana Perekhrest (Dnipropetrovsk)
3. Valeria Sokolenko (Zhytomyr) and Angelina Paschuk (Lugansk)

Up to 52 kg
1. Anastasia Perekhrest (Kiev)
2. Yulia Voronenko (Sumy)
3. Anna Melkovskaya (Kiev) and Irina Ogli (Kharkiv)

Up to 56 kg
1. Yana Plakhty (Cherkasy)
2. Viktoria Balzhik (Odessa)
3. Oksana Salova (Kharkiv) and Liliana Mikhalskaya (Dnipropetrovsk)

Up to 60 kg
1. Maria Rybachuk (Odessa)
2. Valeria Biryuchenko (Zhytomyr)
3. Valeria Karaush (Odessa) and Diana Kurilo (Dnipropetrovsk)

Up to 65 kg
1. Mariana Mikhailova (Kharkiv)
2. Solome Akhalaya (Kiev)
3. Eva Donicheva (Kiev) and Vladislava Butenko (Sumy)

Up to 70 kg
1. Margarita Ptushka (Lugansk)
2. Natalia Chistyakova (Chernihiv)
3. Vladislava Toroptseva (Cherkasy) and Anastasia Dodoseva (Odessa)

70+ kg
1. Anastasia Zhilyaeva (Dnipropetrovsk)
2. Alexandra Demyanenko (Lugansk)
3. Alina Romanenko (Donetsk) and Yana Borsuk (Rivne)


Up to 42 kg
1. Daniil Movchan (Kharkiv)
2. Daniil Mudrak (Vinnytsia)
3. Nikita Chikarda (Kharkiv) and Maxim Kaznacheev (Kharkiv)

Up to 46 kg
1. Anatoly Kulibaba (Vinnytsia)
2. Anton Kleynos (Sumy)
3. Daniil Kalmykov (Kharkiv) and Nikita Bozhko (Kharkiv)

Up to 50 kg
1. Nikolay Kulibaba (Vinnytsia)
2. Artur Martirosyan (Lugansk)
3. Timofey Taranich (Odessa) and Vladimir Tkachenko (Mykolaiv)

Up to 55 kg
1. Daniil Tokar (Sumy)
2. Denis Olkhovsky (Odessa)
3. Kirill Krasnikov (Kharkiv) and Daniil Tomashevsky (Kharkiv)

Up to 60 kg
1. Roman Trush (Kharkiv)
2. Denis Raevsky (Kharkiv)
3. Atash Mamedov (Cherkasy) and Maxim Podorozhny (Volyn)

Up to 66 kg
1. Stanislav Semkov (Khmelnytsky)
2. Alexey Malets (Kiev)
3. Maxim Reznik (Kharkiv) and Ilya Paramonov (Lugansk)

Up to 72 kg
1. Nazar Shadrin (Kherson)
2. David Allakhverdiyev (Odessa)
3. Mikhail Dobrovolsky (Vinnytsia) and Maxim Bilinsky (Kirovograd)

Up to 78 kg
1. Konstantin Pavlishin (Ivano-Frankivsk)
2. Bogdan Pushenko (Kiev)
3. Alexander Zakharov (Kiev) and Vladislav Tocheny (Donetsk)

Up to 84 kg
1. Stanislav Sergiychuk (Dnipropetrovsk)
2. Egor Stativka (Kharkiv)
3. Sergey Molodik (Kiev) and Oleg Cherednik (Odessa)

84+ kg
1. Ilya Dyuk (Dnipropetrovsk)
2. Egor Leonov (Kharkiv)
3. Stanislav Tyapushkin (Lugansk) and Anton Plakhotnik (Kiev)

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