Davit ARAKELYAN: "I Love Beach SAMBO"

20 October 2022 Aleksandr Solomahin
Davit ARAKELYAN: "I Love Beach SAMBO"

David Arakelyan, an athlete from the US national team, had a big time for several weeks in late August - early September. First, he won a silver medal at the World Beach SAMBO Championships in Israel, and then won two gold medals at the Pan American Championships in Costa Rica: one in Sport SAMBO and the second in Beach SAMBO. In an interview for the FIAS website, he spoke about why he chose SAMBO, what impression of the continental championship turned out to be one of the brightest, and also talked about the Olympic future of SAMBO.

This year you fought a lot and successfully on the beach: first at the World Beach SAMBO Championships in Israel, then at the Beach SAMBO tournament as part of the continental championships. How do you feel about Beach SAMBO in general?

– I love Beach SAMBO! This is a fascinating discipline, understandable to both athletes and spectators. Each sambist always has only one chance: you either lost right away or won right away.


If we talk about the features of Beach SAMBO, it started to rain in Costa Rica during the continental championships. The awards ceremony was moved under an awning and accompanied by torrents of rain coming down the roof...

– Yes, it was an unforgettable experience for me. Such an awarding happened for the first time in my life, but, given the dependence of Beach SAMBO on the weather, it may not be the last. Interesting experience!


What experience do you have in SAMBO?

– I like SAMBO very much, although I came to this sport not so long ago. I used to do judo, but the restrictions in the rules made me look for a different kind of martial arts. In SAMBO, I feel more freedom, because I can use a greater number of different techniques. And, of course, I want to participate in various SAMBO tournaments, including trying my hand at the World Championships in Bishkek.


In your opinion, what chances does SAMBO have to get into the program of the Olympic Games?

– As far as I know, the International SAMBO Federation has already received full recognition from the International Olympic Committee. So it remains to take the last step towards this. I hope SAMBO will be able to accomplish it. Perhaps, in this case, I will have a chance to perform at the Olympic Games in SAMBO.

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