5 November 2021 FIAS

The International SAMBO Federation calls on everyone to support the Amur Tiger (our symbol) in the big cats' competitions. CATWALK is a 7 km (or 700 meters) global mass walk designed to raise awareness of the conservation of big cats.

Participants are given the choice of which big cat they go for. This will be their Cat Crew. The Big Cat, on whose behalf the most people walk, will be crowned the Winning Cat.

Choosing the Tiger team (SAMBO Mascot) during registration and marking publications with resources presented on the site and with hashtags:

#catwalk2021 #catmosphere #sambotiger #fias

And please mark @sambo_fias и @catmospherenow

You help save big cats and raise awareness about their fate, and also help SAMBO expand its boundaries!

Be a team!


Catmosphere is a US non-profit foundation created to activate innovative engagement and storytelling around Big Cat Conservation. Catwalk’s efforts are being supported by partners that include Google, as well as endorsements from the International Olympic Committee, TAFISA, and Peace & Sport.


We urge you to take care of your health and the health of those around you first and foremost. Please follow local guidelines if you are in an area of increased risk of contracting coronavirus. Instead of walking, you can support your team with a home workout and posting it with hashtags:

#catwalk2021 #catmosphere #sambotiger #fias

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