Why CATwalk in favor of big cats?

3 November 2021 FIAS
Why CATwalk in favor of big cats?

The International SAMBO Federation calls on everyone to support the Amur Tiger (our symbol) in the big cats' competitions! The future of big cats is in jeopardy, primarily due to the declining habitat. Catwalk is committed to creating healthy living environments for big cats, and healthy living starts at home. CATWALK is a 7 km (or 700 meters) global mass walk designed to raise awareness of the conservation of big cats.

A healthy and active lifestyle helps us respect our bodies, and our interaction with the environment gives us an understanding of the fundamental role in all life. Not sure which big cat team is right for you? Support the FIAS team and the Amur Tiger!

But here's the details of everyone in Big Cats:

Snow Leopard

Long-distance athletes, Snow Leopards cover marathon distances in a single night! Snow Leopard’s long fur is adapted to the cold and barren climates in which they live. The ultimate mountain adventurers, Snow Leopards live at extreme altitudes of between 2,500 and 5,500 meters above sea level.


Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal, but only for a few hundred meters before needing a rest! The Cheetah’s body is built for speed, with a slender build, long legs, flexible spine, and a flat tail for maneuvering. Cheetahs have an iconic spotted yellow coat. Carpe Diem: the Cheetah is most active during the day.


The Jaguar is an excellent swimmer and often hunts for prey in the water. The Leopard’s doppelgänger, the Jaguar also sports fetching dark rosettes and solid spots. Dark Jaguars are commonly referred to as ‘Panthers’. The tropics-loving Jaguar typically lives in the forest and is known for its strong jaws resulting in a bone-crushing bite.


The biggest of the Big Cats, the Siberian Tiger is the largest sub-species. A night owl, with retractable claws and padded paws for silent stalking. A real active all-rounder: fast, strong, and a good climber and swimmer. A striking looker, with orange fur and black stripes that continue all the way to the skin!

01 - catwalk.jpg


Lions live in groups called ‘prides’. A bit of a loudmouth too, the Lion has the loudest roar of any cat. The males are the sharpest dressers, with that instantly recognizable lush mane. Forget freckles – Lions have whisker holes, with the pattern on each cat a unique fingerprint for life!


A well-travelled feline, the Leopard has the largest range. Leopards have sharp black rosettes, and dark colored Leopards are referred to as ‘Panthers’. Leopards are great tree climbers and are pretty fast, strong, and able to swim. Solitary and nocturnal, the Leopard will let you know if you’ve crossed the line. The Arabian Leopard is a subspecies of the Leopard. If you want to Catwalk for the Arabian Leopard then select this Big Cat.


The cat of many names, the Puma is also known as the Cougar, Mountain Lion, plus many other labels. Largest geographical range of any native terrestrial mammal in the West. A cat with spring, the athletic Puma has strong hind legs that make it an excellent high and long jumper. The solitary Puma may not be able to roar, but it has a purr that will please!

Catwalk and FIAS invite you to support physical activity at any level and thus initiate the movement for the conservation of big cats all over the world!

Here you can register until November 6!


We urge you to take care of your health and the health of those around you first and foremost. Please follow local guidelines if you are in an area of increased risk of contracting coronavirus. Instead of walking, you can support your team with a home workout and posting it with hashtags:

#catwalk2021 #catmosphere #sambotiger #fias

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