Sambists celebrate Olympic Day

23 June 2022 FIAS
Sambists celebrate Olympic Day

Today, the entire sports world is celebrating International Olympic Day. For FIAS, this holiday is special, because sambists celebrate it for the first time as full members of the Olympic movement.

Last year, on July 20, the International Sambo Federation received full recognition from the International Olympic Committee. The path to recognition was long, and at first the mission seemed impossible. Nevertheless, with the joint efforts of the entire sambist community, this task was successfully completed. A big step towards the cherished dream - the inclusion of SAMBO in the program of the Olympic Games - has been made, and today sambists all over the world are happy to celebrate the holiday, being an important part of the huge Olympic movement.


For the first time, the celebration of the International Olympic Day took place on June 23, 1948, and its main goal is to promote the Olympic idea.

Based on the pillars of "Move, learn, discover – Together for a better world", the National Olympic Committees of different countries organize sports, cultural and educational events for everyone, regardless of age, gender, social origin or athletic ability.

The new principle "Together for a better world" was introduced in 2022. It includes topics such as sustainability, inclusiveness, solidarity and peace, and aims to bring together as many people as possible who can contribute to a better world through sport.

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